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Plumbers Insurance CA

At Mainline Insurance, we work hard to find you the coverage you need in your plumber’s insurance to protect your business. As you may have found out already, it can be tricky to find the coverage you need in your plumber’s insurance. Many insurance carriers add hidden exclusions to their policies deep in the fine print. Unless you have the time to read over every piece of information, these exclusions could end up costing you precious time and money. 

Common exclusions that could be added to your plumber’s insurance by other insurance providers: 

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  • Water Damage Exclusion – Some insurance providers add water damage exclusions to their policies. This means that if there is a leak or any water damage while you’re working, your insurance policy will not cover the damage. And working as a plumber, it’s almost guaranteed that you will run into water damage at some point. If you’re thinking, “What is an insurance policy for then?” that’s what we think too! That’s why we read the fine print for you and ensure that you get the coverage you need.
  • Heating Device Exclusion – Other insurance providers have also been known to add heating device exclusions from their policies. This means that if you use a blow torch or any other heating device and damage is caused, you will not be covered under the policy and could be held liable for that damage yourself. Since plumbers use blow torches often to reset pipes and pipe fittings, it is important that you are covered for all of the work you perform. Mainline Insurance inspects each policy closely to be sure that you get the exact coverage you need.

The benefits of working with Mainline Insurance for your plumbing insurance needs:  

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  1. Guaranteed coverage: We work hard to find you the coverage you need and guarantee that no hidden exclusions will be added to your policies. Working with us can put you at ease, knowing you have the best coverage to protect your business.
  2. Four formal insurance quotes to choose from: With our knowledge and expertise, we search the market for you and give you options to choose from. We go over everything with you, so you can make the most educated decision about the coverage you need and the prices you want.
  3. Connection with reputable insurance providers: Our insurance agents have an extensive knowledge of the insurance market and are able to place you with only the most reputable insurance providers.
  4. Fast and friendly service: We pride ourselves in our relationships. Our agents are here for you. That’s why we get you quotes and certificates immediately, because we know that this helps your business run smoothly.
  5. Your best interest is our number one priority: We work for you, to protect your business and your money. We promise to give you fair prices and honest descriptions of the policies offered to you. With Mainline Insurance, you can be sure that you will get the coverage you need for a price you want.

Call today to get started with Mainline Insurance or click to get a fast and easy quote. And ensure the future success of your business!